New Heights with Black joy.

This Black History Month, The North Face celebrates the story of Black exploration with Sophia Danenberg and Phil Henderson, two profound mountaineers that continue to elevate the voices and actions of future Black climbers.

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As we continue to deconstruct the walls of racism to increase access for the Black community, we look to Sophia and Phil to remind those looking to climb new heights to connect to Black phenoms of the past, present, and future.

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The project is an open and honest look at what it means to acknowledge adversity and seek solutions in a world where Black people often lack support and representation on and off the mountain. Sophia and Phil inspire Black joy through a collection that celebrates their historic achievements.

Sophia Danenberg smiling with forest backdrop.

Sophia Danenburg

First Black woman and African American to climb to the top of the world and summit Mt. Everest.

Phil Henderson smiling looking to the right with sunglasses and carrying a crash pad.

Phil Henderson

Explorer and outdoor mentor humbly breaking trail for future generations.

Perspectives: Representation on the World’s Highest Peak

Watch Phil and Sophia on privilege and access in the outdoors—and the Full Circle Everest expedition.

Sophia Danenberg and Phil Henderson share their perspectives on Black joy and exploration, including their expeditions to summit the highest peak in the world—Mount Everest.