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Athlete tested.

At the heart of Athlete Tested. Expedition Proven.TM is the philosophy that athlete insights propel our products forward.

Over two years of world-class athletes testing VECTIVTM pushed our design teams to rethink the future of trail to develop our most innovative footwear technology.

An athlete for The North Face is hooked up to an array of testing equipment as he runs on a treadmill in a lab.
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Lab tested.

Our proprietary VECTIV technology minimizes the impact of each stride, with no compromise on energy efficiency. The Flight VECTIV shoe has been proven by third-party research to reduce tibial stresses by over 10%.

The technology.

A 3/4 angle of the Flight VECTIV shoe showing sole and trim details.
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Positioned directly underfoot, our 3D VECTIV plate takes an advanced technology (normally found in road running footwear) and tunes it for the trail. Whether you’re a hiker or a runner, this composite layer gives you more energy, responsiveness and stability.

VECTIV Rocker Midsole

Designed to harness your energy and turn it into forward momentum, our VECTIV Rocker Midsole propels you along the trail. Its high-rebound composition and revolutionary soling architecture ensure that you’re getting the most out of every single stride.

SurfaceCTRL™ Grip

SurfaceCTRL, our high-traction outsole, delivers surefooted confidence on any terrain. Simultaneously durable and grippy, this ingenious compound propels you past any obstacles in your path.