Who can submit an application?

The director submitting the application must identify as a woman and be a US citizen (or a lawful permanent resident).

When is my application due?

This grant cycle is currently closed.

Can I have a male partner develop the film?

Men may work on the film in other capacities as determined by the director.

What is the maximum and minimum length required of the film?

The minimum length is 4 minutes and max is 7 minutes. You will also be required to create a 30-second trailer.

Does the film have to be about women?

The subjects of and in the film do not need to be women.

Does the film have to be adventure based?

No. We encourage applicants to share perspectives of exploration in all forms. For some this could mean outdoor adventure and for others this could be a creative expression or personal story.

Will adventure films receive preferential treatment?

No. We’re looking for film projects that capture exploration in its most authentic sense.

Is this film only grant or is photography allowed?

At this time, this grant is for film projects only.

Do I have to show film credentials or can this by my very first film?

We welcome and encourage beginners, but are looking for applicants with some filmmaking experience. We look forward to working with you.

If selected is attendance at Wuti Goes Idyllwild Film Festival mandatory? Will travel accommodations be covered?

Attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged. The North Face will cover reasonable travel and accommodations.

If selected, is attendance at the MountainFilm Festival mandatory? Will travel and accommodations be covered?

Attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged. The North Face will cover reasonable travel and accommodations.

Are there any specific budget requirements?

A typical production budget will include costs for camera gear, crew, location fees, travel expenses, editing equipment, music licensing, insurance, etc. You will be required to provide a financial report outlining expenditure of grant funds should we request it.

Can this film be a part of a larger project or should it be a stand-along project?

Your film should be a stand-alone piece and not an edit of a larger project.

Can the film have other sponsors or funding?

No other sponsors are permitted, and generally you must complete your project from start to finish with the $25,000 provided. As an exception, you may supplement the grant using your personal funds as needed, but you cannot accept or use any funding or sponsorships from any third parties. TNF will not reimburse you for any personal funds used to supplement the grant.

Does The North Face have to be referenced/included in the film?

While showcasing The North Face products is not the objective of the film, competitor product should not be obvious or visible in the final deliverable. Depending on the content of the project, The North Face may provide clothing.

Who reviews the applications?

A selection committee at The North Face will review and select the grantees.

Can individuals in the film be sponsored by another brand?

Sponsored athletes and artists from competing brands may participate in the film but may not be the lead subject.

Who has the rights to my film?

You will own all IP rights in your film. However, you will be required to grant TNF: (1) an exclusive license for one year from the date or first launch to use, distribute, or edit the complete film for any purpose, including to create a promotional trailer for the grant program or commercialize the film on TNF’s channels, including by placing paid promotion behind the film; and (2) a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use, distribute, or edit footage from the film in any TNF-related content (noting that TNF’s rights to use music synched with the film will correspond with the music rights acquired by you from the music rights holder per the “Music License” section below).

Do I need to obtain a music liscense?

If there is music in your film, you are required to obtain the rights to use and/or reproduce the music in your film (including the rights necessary to grant TNF the licenses described in this FAQ and set forth in the grant agreement). At a minimum, this will require a license that includes all necessary digital, synchronization, performance, festival and other necessary usage rights for one year (or longer, if commercially feasible or if you plan to host on your channels).

Do I need to obtain permission for competing logos and artwork?

You are required to receive permission from brands and artists should you show their logos or artwork. Please avoid filming competitor logos and artwork — you may need their permission to share.

Will I need to obtain model releases for participants appearing in my film?

You are required to receive a model release from all participants appearing in your film. The North Face will provide one prior to beginning your project.

Are there age requirements to participate in this grant program?

Applicants must be 18 or older to apply.


If you have questions, please email The_North_Face_Explore_Fund@vfc.com.