Backyard Project

Crafted in the USA


In 2014 we set out to design and craft a unique apparel collection within a 150-mile radius of our San Francisco Bay Area headquarters. While we didn’t meet our strict start-to-finish production goal, we did successfully collaborate with local farmers, producers and craftsmen to create something truly worth celebrating.

In 2015 we challenged ourselves to grow the Backyard Project collection and significantly increase the quantity of products made through new relationships and collaborations within the American textile industry. We moved the majority of production from the Bay Area to Los Angeles and the small businesses we worked with each have decades of apparel manufacturing experience.

This collection of super soft tees and hoodies represents the wide range of crafts in the American apparel industry, from cotton farming and fabric knitting to sewing and dyeing. 


The Backyard Project began in 2014 with a hoodie that we aimed to design and produce within a 150-mile radius of our San Francisco Bay Area headquarters. In 2015 we scaled the project and formed new partnerships with family-run businesses in Los Angeles, California. Here are the numbers for this year’s collection:

  • 10 acres of brown cotton harvested
  • 12 bales of brown cotton sent for spinning
  • 28,718 yards of fabric knit
  • 16,963 garments made
  • 118 years of vendor experience in the Los Angeles garment industry
  • 1 country of origin – USA