More Details The winter world can be a scary place for novices, but the Infant ThermoBall™ Eco Bunting brings new comfort and coziness to it. Features like fold-over mitts and booties and an asymmetric zip make it the perfect protection for those tentative first outings.
More Details A cozy explorer is a happy one. The Infant Camp Fleece Set features a warm midweight fleece and pockets for all the trail treasures they collect along the way.
More Details The versatile Infant ThermoBall™ Eco Hoodie features a new quilting pattern and updated insulation for lightweight warmth, durability and packability. It’s also made with 100% recycled fabrics and fill, because gear should be tougher on the cold—and easier on the planet.
More Details Made with a warm, 100% recycled micro fleece, the Infant Glacier Full Zip Hoodie is lightweight, practical and always up for adventure.

Finding the right baby winter clothes for your little one can be a challenge. From first steps in the snow to sledding in the backyard, make some family memories with the warmest gear by your side.


Baby snowsuits built to last


Explore the outdoors year after year with baby snowsuits that can stand up to the elements. From newborn baby snowsuits to baby down snowsuits for toddlers, our winter gear comes in all sizes. When your little one grows out of their gear, pass it down to the next generation of explorers. The best baby snowsuits are made with ultra-durable goose down construction providing unparalleled warmth and water-resistance, guaranteed. We've got your back so you, and your family, can grow up with The North Face by your side.


Newborn baby winter clothes the family will love


Do you have a new addition to the family? As you forge unseen paths with a new young explorer in towe, we've got you covered with gear that will keep them warm all season long. From hoodies to accessories, we offer 0-3M options that are small on size, but pack a big punch. Enjoy easy ons and offs with jackets that have a full zip and lightweight construction.


Cute baby winter clothes? Always a good idea


Our winter gear for little explorers isn't just functional, it's also super fun. From adorable bear ears to bold prints for your whole family, our eye-catching styles are totally adorable for any outdoor activity. Whether you're looking for newborn baby boy winter clothes or cute baby girl winter clothes that will pop on the family holiday card, you can't go wrong with these must-haves. While they can't seem to stop growing, remember to size up so they can grow into their new winter style in a few months.

Once you have kids’ winter clothes, stock up on summer clothes for kids. Grab a kids’ hat that’s perfect for rain or shine and girls’ summer clothes that she’ll love. Shop blue shorts for playing, and black shoes to run in. Then grab a middle school backpack to round out the look.