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Photo collage of man with chalk on his hand reaching upward in one photo. Another photo shows two women in TNF hoodies—one is blue and the other is white. There’s an image of climbing holds in the background. Text: "Global Climbing Day. July 13, 2024"

Global Climbing Day

Join us around the world to celebrate Global Climbing Day together on July 13, 2024. The community is waiting—see you on the walls.

The North Face Athlete Nathaniel Coleman climbing on an overhang and doing a heel-hook with his right leg. Text: "The North Face Athlete Nathaniel Coleman."

Route to the top.

Meet the performance-driven kits made to inspire your next move.

Two friends are walking outside in the sun. They are wearing the Class V Camp Hat and Class V Brimmer.

No shade? No Problem.

Embrace the sun with gear made for lightweight comfort.

Studio shot of sneakers from The North Face.
Step up your shoe game.

Meet Hypnum and Oxeye: Statement-making, trail-ready sneakers, with comfort to take you from sidewalk to switchback.

The North Face Athletes

Meet our team.