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Alex Honnold And Sender Films

Relativity Of Risk

Alex Honnold is best known for his bold free-solo style of climbing. Alex has left the world in disbelief by leaving his rope and harness behind as he climbs some of the most imposing big walls. Sender Films and Big Up Productions have captured Alex climbing several of his biggest achievements to give audiences a glimpse into the experience. Alex opens up about the relativity of risk, how he got here, and what is next. The crew from Sender Films, shares what it’s like to hang 2,000 ft. off the ground with camera in hand to capture Alex.

Hal Koerner And Mike Wolfe

The Long Haul - Racing The Clock On The John Muir Trail

In 2013, ultrarunners Hal Koerner and Mike Wolfe set off from near Mt. Whitney, CA, with the goal of covering the 220-mile John Muir Trail in record time. For the next three and a half days and nights, they ran through sun and exposure, smoke and ash from nearby forest fires, logistical mishaps, hallucinations, and 84,000 feet of elevation change, before reaching their destination intact and faster than anyone recorded in history. With almost no altitude training, they spent more than half their time running above 10,000 feet. Filmmaker JB Benna was on scene to document the camaraderie and resilience of their trek. Come see the film, then hear from Koerner and Wolfe what it was like to run over 200 brutally craggy miles on less than 5 hours of sleep.

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa & Powder Magazine


When he isn’t cutting loose in the powder, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa is working with his friends at Teton Gravity Research, focusing the rest of his energy on film. Talented both on the slopes and on paper, Sage is one of the best-known skiiers in the ski-film industry, winning Best Male Performance from Powder magazine’s video awards in 2004, 2009, and 2011. Teton Gravity Research and Powder Magazine join Sage on an incredible voyage where technology meets nature, facing adversities and building camaraderie along the way. Come hear the story behind the film, moderated by Powder Magazine and check out the multimedia experience that they will be discussing:

Experience the Sage Project

Dean Karnazes

Running Adventures From Earth's Seven Continents

“Superhuman” is the only word to describe Dean Karnazes’ feat of running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. Dubbed “The Ultramarathon Man,” and ranked among TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, Dean’s message to all is, “Get off the couch, get healthy, hit the trails and go the extra mile.” With that mantra, and with a physiology adapted for endless running, he’s run 350 miles nonstop, and he’s completed an ultramarathon across the world’s five great deserts: the Atacama, Gobi, Death Valley, Sahara, and Antarctic. In 2011, Dean brought fitness home to millions with his 3000-mile, 75-day, coast-to-coast Run Across America, televised on Live! with Regis and Kelly.


Always Above Us

As the 2013 ice-climbing season rolled around, one of the most difficult ice climbs in Hyalite Canyon, Montana, came in for the first time in 5 years: Winter Dance. In years past, climbers would hike around to the top of Winter Dance and then climb the final pitch of ice. In December of 1998, less than a year before his untimely death, Alex Lowe did the first ascent by climbing the rock pitches with ice tools and crampons. Fifteen years later, alpine climbers Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson set out to create a mixed climbing route that tackles the overhanging rock just adjacent to the route that Alex put up, as a way to honor their friend. Watch as Sherpas Cinema captures the emotional climb, and hear the story behind the film in Toronto, ON.

Lucas Debari & Sherpas Cinema

Greenland Project

Somewhere in the mountains of Greenland, begging to be shredded upon is a peak called Rytterknaegten… or something like that. Lucas DeBari, inspired by one, very small, pixelated photo of the peak, has made it his mission to plan the perfect expedition to this unidentified glacier. Sherpas Cinema captures Lucas and his team, including Kaitlyn Farrington, recent Olympic gold medalist at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, as they embark on an extraordinary experience rife with laughter, festivity, and triumph. Come hear the story behind the film, moderated by Transworld, in Seattle, WA, Berkeley, CA, Costa Mesa, CA, Vancouver, BC, or Whistler, BC.

Timothy Olson, Rory Bosio, Hal Koerner, And Mike Foote


Mont-Blanc ultramarathon has drawn in tens of thousands of runners and spectators from all over the world. Although recognized as one of the most difficult races in Europe, sometimes taking runners over 48 hours to complete, the runners return to UTMB year after year. Camp 4 Collective follows elite ultrarunners Timothy Olson, Rory Bosio, Hal Koerner, Mike Foote, and Ashley Arnold through the training, the preparation, the build up, the fans, the excitement at the finish line, and the journey through 103 miles. Come hear the story behind the film in Chicago, IL (9/25), or San Francisco, CA.