More Details Extremely durable, quick-drying FlashDry™-XD hiking shorts take warm-weather expeditions to the next level. The wide, knit waistband won’t dig in or chafe against heavy packs. Available in 4-inch or 6-inch inseam lengths.
 $50.00  $30.00
More Details Designed for climbing, built for life. These extremely durable and harness-friendly 4-inch inseam shorts have strategically-placed gussets and a pull-on waistband, making them an ideal climbing partner ready for any movement.
 $35.00  $21.00
More Details Inspire her to climb higher peaks and boulder harder routes in these UPF 50 shorts. An internal drawcord ensures a snug fit while she’s reaching new heights, and the elastic waistband will keep her comfortable no matter the grade she’s sending.
 $40.00  $24.00
More Details Let her explore a wide variety of habitats in our roll-cuff shorts that feature UPF 50 to protect her while she goes riverside rock-hopping and kayaking. Eyelets in the pockets mean they’ll drain efficiently after she goes for a swim.
More Details The best adventurers don't let fatigue stop them. Get him in the same headspace with these ultra-comfortable shorts that have pockets he can fill with all the treasures he collects on his travels.
More Details She’ll transition from school to the great outdoors seamlessly this spring in these comfortable shorts designed for getting after it. They’re super soft, super lightweight, and super ready to explore.
 $30.00  $18.00
More Details These quick-drying woven pull-on shorts allow your toddler to transition in and out of the water with ease and feature UPF 50 for additional sun protection.