Arne Arens Joins The Conservation Alliance Board of Directors


Ann Krcik

Arne Arens, our Global Brand President, has joined The Conservation Alliance Board of Directors. Arne will move into the seat held by Ann Krcik, a long-time leader at The North Face, who was deeply committed to protecting public lands.

We were a co-founder of The Conservation Alliance almost 30 years ago. We recognized the value of protecting places for future explorers and one of the best ways to do that was to invest in conservation. Through our industry’s combined support and leadership of The Conservation Alliance, we’ve partnered to send grants to countless nonprofits to protect important wildlands. Since 1989, The Conservation Alliance has given $20 million go to grassroots conservation groups to protect 51 million acres of land and more than 3,100 miles of rivers, among other areas.

John Sterling, Conservation Alliance Executive Director, said, “it says a lot about the commitment to conservation from The North Face, having Arne serve on our board, we are excited to connect Arne further into our efforts to protect North America’s wild places.”

“Joining The Conservation Alliance Board is personally and professionally meaningful, as its work supports our brand mission to enable exploration. The Conservation Alliance has worked tirelessly on behalf of our industry to protect natural places. That work is more important now than ever and I’m incredibly excited by the momentum the organization has built,” said Arne Arens.

In early 2017, as we saw more need to support our public lands, we helped initiate the Public Lands Defense Fund as part of The Conservation Alliance’s response. We will continue to support and encourage everyone to help protect these wild places we play and thrive.