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From winter hiking boots and work boots to comfy puffer slippers, we have the insulated shoes you need to take on heavy snow and cold weather.


Women's & men's insulated shoes & winter boots


Insulated boots of all styles are made to take on the harsh Arctic cold of the world in winter. A hard rubber outsole offers an ultra-durable grip for whatever winter throws at you. With a comfortable, cushioned insole to keep you moving all day, these are the best hiking shoes for long treks and rough terrain. Plus, you can find lightweight PrimaLoft® insulation that won't weigh you down on a long trail. Lace up your shoes, pull on your winter hiking backpack, and grab your sub-zero sleeping bag. You're ready to head to checkout and then on to your cold-weather adventure.


Slip-on winter slippers for a comfortable warmth that keeps your toes toasty at home or at the ski lodge. These easy-on ThermoBall™ "thinsulate" shoes can be worn as mules for quick access to the morning paper or the world outside your tent. And, if the color black isn't what you want, you can find our thermo slippers in plaid and yellow.


Winterproof, waterproof boots that last


With slip-resistant rubber soles, your snow boots are made to keep you on your feet, even in slick weather. Just tug on your warmest goose-down jacket and you're ready to take on a winter wonderland. The water-resistant interior lining and waterproof leather combine to protect your feet from more than just cold. Tromp through the snow without worry. You have our insulated winter boots to keep you protected from cold, damp socks.


You can give the gift of lasting warmth with a gift card to The North Face. You can also order a gift delivered, or use our store locator to pick up your order at a store near you.


Keep your toes warm in the winter with insulated shoes to keep out the chill. Grab insulated shoes or boots for warmth at home, on the trail, or on the streets.


Look for your next pair of insulated shoes in our list of winter boot deals to get boots that will warm your feet and prices that will warm your heart. Build from the ground up by adding a sale winter jacket in men’s and women’s styles. Bundle up with winter gifts of all kinds, including deals on everything from sweatpants to socks. And when you’re heading out for the day, look for deals on laptop backpacks< for the perfect daypack.


What are the benefits of insulated shoes?


As your toes are some of the farthest extremities from your heart, they're one of the first parts of your body in danger of frostbite. Protect your toes and feet from dangerous cold, as well as simply staying more comfortable in insulated shoes.