Women's Tees - Sizing Details

Chest Waist Hips
31-32 in 24-25 in 33-35 in
33-35 in 26-28 in 36-37 in
36-38 in 29-31 in 38-40 in
39-41 in 32-34 in 41-43 in
42-44 in 35-38 in 44-47 in
45-48 in 39-42 in 48-51 in
43-45 in 36-38 in 46-48 in
47-49 in 40-42 in 50-52 in
51-53 in 44-46 in 54-56 in
Chest Waist Hips
78-81 cm 60-63 cm 83-88 cm
83-88 cm 66-71 cm 91-93 cm
91-96 cm 73-78 cm 96-101 cm
96-104 cm 81-86 cm 104-109 cm
106-111 cm 88-96 cm 111-119 cm
114-121 cm 99-106 cm 121-129 cm
109-114 cm 91-97 cm 117-122 cm
119-124 cm 102-107 cm 127-132 cm
130-135 cm 112-117 cm 137-142 cm
Womens Tees Fitted


Has a tight, next-to-skin fit for a full range of motion with no excess fabric. Typically includes compression.

Womens Tees Slim Fit


Has a close-to-body fit with fair range-of-motion. Jacket is shaped at the waist with moderate body contouring. Can be worn over base layers or light mid-layers.

Womens Tees Standard


Fits true-to-size for easy, comfortable movement. Can either have slight body shaping or a straight fit without the shaping. Can be worn over mid-layers.

Womens Tees Relaxed


Has a loose-to-oversize fit, with no shaping, and hangs away from the body. The shoulder may drop below the natural shoulder. Can be worn over heavy mid-layers.

1 Chest

Measure the total circumference of your chest at its fullest point. Ensure that the tape is horizontal when measuring.

2 Waist

Place your hands on your hips and bend to the side. The indent on your side as you bend is your natural waist. Measure the total circumference at this point.

3 Waist - Jeans

Measure your circumference at a point about two inches below the belly button.

4 Hip

Stand with your feet 6” apart. Measure the total circumference at the fullest point of your hip.

5 Sleeve Length

With your elbow slightly bent, starting at your middle neck bone, measure to the point of your shoulder and down to your wrist bone. Or take a shirt that fits well and take the same measurement.

6 Inseam

Stand with your feet 6” apart. Measure from the top of the leg/crotch to below the ankle. Or take a pair of pants that fit well and take the same measurement.