VF Associate Discount

Please visit The Loop to review the most up to date VF Associate Discount Policy. (US & Canada Based Associates only)


  • 1. All Associates must accept the Terms & Conditions for the employee discount. Please navigate to My Account > Profile > Click “I Accept”, on the Employee Discount popup.
  • 2. All Associates with a @vfc.com email: Verify that the @vfc.com email address is listed in Workday as the Work Email Address found on the Contact Tab. Associates must use their VFC email (not a personal email) if they have one, to be eligible for the employee discount.
  • 3. Associates without a VFC email address: Associates without a VFC email must have a Primary Email address in their Workday Home Contact Information and the email must be marked as public. This email must be a valid email address and can be from any domain (@yahoo.com, @gmail.com, etc.)
  • 4. If you are not a VF Corp employee (for example are a Temporary/Intern/Fixed Term/Contractor), you are not eligible for the employee discount.
  • 5. Restrictions may apply to the discount levels provided on some products (i.e., limited edition merchandise, third-party product, special promotions, etc.). This includes stacking promo codes. Most online promo codes for customers cannot be stacked on top of the VF Associate Discount.
  • 6. Merchandise purchases are limited to $10,000 post discount across all brands over a rolling 12-month period.
  • 7. If help is still needed, please navigate to the following form (https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/20707f5a365b4bfcb8bc3523f7f0354b) and submit your requests to our customer service team.