ECS Ambassadors are a select group of unique individuals who live and run in race locations of The North Face Endurance Challenge Series. ECS Ambassadors motivates and inspires others with a shared passion for exploring the region and taking on new challenges. These individuals engage the community and invites others to join them in testing their endurance on one of the Endurance Challenge courses.

ECS Ambassador members earn meaningful rewards from The North Face, all of which inspire & support exploration. From The North Face kits, to complimentary race entries, up to trips to The North Face events, ECS Ambassador members are rewarded for their efforts.

The North Face is currently seeking the right individuals to join other ECS Ambassadors in support of the Endurance Challenge Series races in Ontario, Massachusetts, Utah, and Wisconsin.  In order to apply to be a member of the ECS Ambassadors, you must first be registered for one of the races. If you are selected to be a member, you will be given a unique discount code that is good for 15% off of registration for any race distance. The more people that use your unique discount code, the bigger the reward.

If you think you have what it takes to be a member of the ECS Ambassadors and spread the word of The North Face Endurance Challenge Series, we want to hear from you. Apply by clicking here.

Ambassador Rewards Structure*

5 registrations – Refund of your registration fee
10 registrations – Free The North Face hat and Better Than Naked Shirt
20 registrations - $100 The North Face gift card
50 registrations - $500 The North Face gift card
100 registrations – Free trip to The North Face Endurance Challenge Series of choice, including international races

*After receiving a refund of your registration fee, only the highest level of reward will be issued.  For example, if you have 50 registrations with your unique discount code, you will receive a registration refund and a $500 The North Face Gift Card.  You will NOT receive the hat, shirt, and $100 gift card.

Ambassador Success Story

Endurance Challenge Series – Wisconsin Dirty 30 member, Jamie Zaplatosch had 118 registrations and won a free trip to any Endurance Challenge Series race of her choice.  Read below to see how Jamie was able to get 118 registrations and which race she decided to go to.

I ran my first The North Face Endurance Challenge (TNFEC) race in Wisconsin in 2013. I ran the 10k; it was my second ever trail race. It was tough but also incredibly fun. The North Face did an incredible job energizing the runners and creating a great sense of community even in rainy conditions. The same day of my first TNFEC race, my daughter ran her first race, the KarnoKids 1k. I ran alongside her, and at one point we turned a corner and I realized that she was running with and talking to Dean Karnazes! What excitement on top of an already exciting first run.

I was hooked on The North Face series offerings. I watched patiently for the 2014 TNFEC Wisconsin dates to go live and for registration to open. As soon as it did, I was signed up – for the Half Marathon this time!

A couple of months after registering for the 2014 race I got an email saying that The North Face was premiering its Dirty 30 race ambassador program in Wisconsin for those already registered. I wasn’t sure how many people would be selected or if I had what The North Face was looking for in a Dirty 30 member, but I submitted the short online application in hopes of being able to spread my love of trail running to others. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the email saying that I was chosen to be part of the Dirty 30!

To me, sharing my discount code with others was a win-win and wasn’t hard to do. Those who used my code received 10% off any race distance being offered, making an affordable race even more affordable. The more people used my code, the more rewards I would receive (such as a race refund, t-shirt and hat, or gift certificate for TNF). It sounded easy enough, but how many people would actually use my code, or even find out that I had a code for the race?

I promoted the TNFEC Wisconsin race with my Dirty 30 discount code solely through social media. I shared brief information – like why trail running is awesome, the race distances offered, and the race date and location – in Facebook running groups that I am a part of and through Twitter. I always used the link to the race distances so that people didn’t have to search for the race themselves with the limited information that I shared. Especially with Twitter, I used hashtags that might spark someone’s interest that was outside of my own network, such as those that made sense locally (#runchi) and more universal hashtags for the greater community (#trailrunning, #runchat, or #ultrachat). Even though I was excited about the race, I made sure not to tweet or post to a Facebook group too often so that people didn’t get sick of me. I generally used price increases (“Register now before prices go up!”) or discount increases (in 2014 the discount eventually rose to 15%) as an indicator of when to promote the race again.

Along the way, I could email Erich on the TNF promotion team for status updates on how many people used my code since there wasn’t a way to check out those numbers otherwise. As the race date neared, I realized that my techniques were working – many more people than I knew directly were using my Dirty 30 discount code! It was thrilling to think of all of those people running the trails with me, perhaps for the first time but definitely as part of the trail running community. It was also exciting to think of where I might be able to run if enough people used my discount code to earn me an all-expenses paid trip to any TNF race in North or Latin America…

During my training, I ended up getting injured and couldn’t run the 2014 race. I was totally bummed. On race day I happily thought of all those people getting dirty and working hard in the TNFEC Wisconsin race. About mid-way through the following week, I received an email from Jeff and Erich on the promotion team telling me that 118 people had used my Dirty 30 code and I had earned a trip to one of the 2015 TNFEC races of my choosing!

This year, I’ll be running a 21k in the first ever The North Face Endurance Challenge in Brazil on May 23rd as part of my Dirty 30 earnings. And on October 4th I’ll be running in the TNFEC Wisconsin 10k again, this time with my friend Petar who has never done a trail race.