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September 25TH, 2016
When It Comes to Anti-Doping, Trail Running Is Still a Wild West

Races have started to take stands against performance-enhancing drugs, but the sport is a long way from serious safeguards. BY ALEX KURT.

September 20TH, 2016
Race Sets New Standard Against Doping in Trail Running

The North Face institutes a clean sport policy to deter the use of performance-enhancing drugs in its Endurance Challenge Series. By JACK BARRONER

August 18TH, 2016
At Least 120 Athletes at the Rio Olympics Have Previously Been Suspended for Doping

The New York Times breaks down the statistics: Of the approximately 11,000 athletes competing in Rio, at least 120 have served suspensions or had to return medals for doping and were reinstated in time for this year’s Games. This is about one out of every 100 competitors. By GREGOR AISCH and K.K. REBECCA LAI.

August 16TH, 2016
How previous steroid use could give a boost for entire athletic career

They were caught doping. Now they’re clean. Should athletes who have used performance-enhancing drugs be given a second chance? By Wendy Leung.

August 4TH, 2016
How Do We Keep Doping Out of Trail Running?

Ultrarunner Gonzalo Calisto, who placed fifth in last year’s UTMB, was recently busted for doping. His indictment posed a grave question: can the sport save itself before it's too late? By Meaghen Brown.

August 11TH, 2016
A Guide to Doping’s Grey Area

Eight weird (and legal) performance-enhancing substances that Olympic athletes have used to gain an advantage. By Joe Lindsay.

August 4TH, 2016
On Eve of Olympics, Top Investigator Details Secret Efforts to Undermine Russian Doping Probe

In an exclusive interview, the former chief investigator of the World Anti-Doping Agency said his efforts to investigate state-sponsored doping in Russia were repeatedly thwarted by WADA’s own president. By David Epstein

July 16TH, 2016
What’s The Deal With Smoking Pot And Running?

Whether you are fundamentally opposed to marijuana use or you support legalization, much like alcohol, the bigger conversation has to do with the drug’s place in society at large. And that includes sports. Allison Pattillo examines the highly debated issue of whether marijuana should be considered "performance enhancing."

January 26TH, 2016
Olympian Mara Yamauchi on Doping and Athletes Speaking Out

Olympian Mara Yamauchi shares her personal thoughts and experiences on why clean athletes don’t speak out more, in light of the appalling news about doping, corruption, cover-ups etc in athletics. "

December 21TH, 2015
Top Trail Runners Sign New Anti-Doping Pledge

In response to recent controversies over performance-enhancing drugs in the sport, a new website calls on trail runners to commit to "clean sport. By Dave Roche.

December 17TH, 2015
Elisa Desco Interview: Trail Running’s Persona Non Grata Speaks Out

Matt Hart caught up with Italian trail runner Elisa Desco to ask questions about her failed doping test in 2009 and the resistance she faced at The North Face Endurance Challenge 50-mile championship on Dec. 5 near San Francisco. The intent to publish this interview is not to suggest Elisa Desco is innocent or whether she should be allowed to compete, but merely to further the conversation about the current issues and unknowns facing trail running and ultrarunning.

December 17TH, 2015<
Performance Enhancing Drugs In Ultramarathons

Ian Torrence takes a comprehensive look at the presence and history of performance enhancing drugs in ultramarathons. He also explores the answers to the many questions of their use that aren’t as simple as you’d think and here’s why.

December 8TH, 2015
Ultrarunning at a Crossroads: Is There a Growing Doping Problem on the Trails?

Although many sports have been bogged down by performance-enhancing drug problems over the past two decades—cycling, baseball, track and field, marathoning—the sport of ultrarunning, at least in the United States, has yet to be mired in a doping scandal…But with an increase in professionalism, prize money and sponsorship deals has come the pressing business of how to handle the inevitable doping problem. By Matt Hart.

December 1TH, 2015
Why Athletes Don’t Speak Out About Doping

Road and track runner Lauren Fleshman examimes why athletes in the road and track community don't speak out on the presence of performance enhancing drugs and banned substances.

April 25TH, 2015
How Bad Is Distance Running’s Doping Problem?

After last year’s Boston Marathon winner tested positive, the running community asked: Does Kenya have a doping problem? Does the world? By Peter Vigneron