Backyard Project

Made in our backyard 

In collaboration with local farmers, producers, and craftsmen, The North Face successfully sourced and created a local product.  

Limited edition 

Backyard project men's and women's hoodies

Released December 2014  in limited quantities at The North Face retail stores across the country and online at, The Backyard Project represents another step in our ongoing commitment to produce more responsible products using sustainable methods. 

150-Mile Goal 

In collaboration with Sustainable Cotton Project and Fibershed, The North Face set out to design and craft a unique apparel collection all within close proximity to our San Francisco Bay Area headquarters. We nearly met this goal; the yarn had to be spun in the Carolinas versus California. While it didn't truly meet our 150 mile radius, start-to-finish production hopes, the result is still something worth celebrating - an exclusive, locally manufactured collection of hoodies and tees we call The Backyard Project.  

Project Partners 

Our ambitious goals and commitment to sustainability have led to new collaborations and relationships within the American textile industry, allowing us to closely work with everyone involved in the process. From the farm to the mill to the production lines, The Backyard Project limited edition collection is a wearable success story.