More Details The Jr Hedgehog Hikers II Waterproof Boots are from our most popular line of waterproof youth hiking boots, which are known for their durability and secure fit. These light, flexible, and grippy shoes are perfect for next-level exploration.
More Details Reach new peaks and propel yourself past any terrain with the Men’s VECTIV™ Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT™ Boots. These waterproof, breathable hiking boots are designed with innovative features that maximize stability and minimize fatigue.
More Details Warm and comfortable ThermoBall™ Eco insulation pairs with high-traction rubber outsoles to make these slip-on booties ideal for base camp, après ski, or shuffling through the snow to grab the morning paper.
More Details Lightweight but stable, the Men’s VECTIV™ Enduris II Shoes are made for the most demanding trail runners. Designed with input from our Athlete Team, these shoes combine exceptional traction, optimal cushioning and innovative rockered midsoles to achieve our most comfortable ride yet.
More Details Warm and comfortable ThermoBall™ Eco insulation pairs with high-traction rubber outsoles to make these slip-on booties ideal for base camp, après ski, or shuffling through the snow to grab the morning paper.


Whether you’re trekking through the forest in heavy-duty snow or navigating icy conditions on city sidewalks, your gear is the difference between a comfortable and safe walk and frozen toes and slippery soles. Women’s and men’s traction boots are your gateway to wintery, rainy, or snowy adventures, no matter where or when (from camping to training). From slip-on traction to hiking boots, the best traction devices come in various forms.

High Traction, Low Effort

The key to traction boots rests in the outsoles. Whether you opt for slip-on traction booties or hiking boots, our innovative rubber sole is specifically-designed for supreme traction–no additional, microspikes, ice cleats, snowshoes, or traction devices are needed to meet their potential. Provide better grip on slick surfaces, from rocky crags to city streets in your hiking boots or lifestyle shoes. In this case, with great power comes great comfort. For the best traction, Try the North Face's cold-weather-approved, snow-ready hiking boots for the best traction, perfect for icy conditions and winter hiking. Our boots are incredibly functional without sacrificing comfort, offering you slip-on options and easy-on looks that provide you with the best traction. Your feet will be happy from lightweight materials to built-in insulation no matter what cold-weather elements throw at them. Our best seller boots will offer you the accessibility, best traction, and support you need for heavy-duty winter weather.

Sustainable Style

Nothing says adventure like honoring the planet you're exploring. That's why our men's and women's boots feature recycled and sustainably sourced materials from the uppers down to the soles. Whether you’re looking for classic leather women’s or men’s hiking boots for your next epic summit or slip-on traction booties that are perfect for around town or around the campfire, you can enjoy your traction devices and comfort in the style you enjoy–no matter what cold-weather or icy conditions you’re dealing with.

Traction for Any Terrain

Traction can be tricky. The grip on a slick cement surface is totally different from traction on loose rocks or slippery mud. Our easy-on traction boots are designed to excel in all environments and on any terrain, from icy conditions and cold weather to winter hiking and chilly trail running. Are you running errands in a downpour? You can sprint those groceries to your car with confidence. Are you scrambling up an incline to view that mind-blowing? No problem. Our traction booties and women’s and men’s hiking boots tackle all types of terrain with ease—all while using recycled rubber that is better for the earth on which you lightly tread.

What are traction boots? 

Traction boots are a type of footwear designed to put stability and traction first. Perfect for icy or snow conditions outdoors, traction boots are either optimized boots that assist with traction or come in the form of traction devices you can slip-on over your existing footwear. 

How do I add traction to my boots? 

One of the easiest ways to add traction to your existing boots is to include traction devices, diamond-grip devices, microspikes, or slip-on traction additions that increase the traction with every step you take–even on the iciest surfaces.

Don't let your adventure slip away. Traction boots from The North Face give you the grip you need to tackle any terrain–no matter what your adventure of choice might be.