More Details Our iconic logo, a global symbol of exploration and achievement, is the focus of the simple, classic Men’s Long Sleeve Half Dome Tee. Ideal for layering, it'll be in constant use.
More Details The Recycled Expedition Graphic Long Sleeve Tee has a 100%-recycled body fabric that is breathable-but-hardwearing for all-day comfort.
More Details Every closet needs a comfortable, reliable long-sleeve you can wear just about anywhere. Our IC Long Sleeve Tee features bold, eye-catching graphics from our International Collection.
When the weather starts to cool down, trade the short-sleeve polo shirts and ruched halter tops for a casual long-sleeve tee you'll love to wear day to day.

Casual red long-sleeve tops

Our red long-sleeve tees are great for building a casual outfit. Pair with jeans or women's leggings for an instant down-home look. Throw on a plaid long-sleeve button-down on top and you're ready for a low-key hike with friends. Add a cardigan or scoop neck sweater on top of your long-sleeve graphic tee, and you've got the perfect look for relaxing at home. Keep on top of our latest trending additions with new arrivals, updating all the time.

Trail-worthy long-sleeve t-shirts

This is far from a flimsy short-sleeve tunic top or a ruffle-laden animal print wrap top. If you truly want to get ready for a long day walking, our sturdy crewneck long-sleeves are made to last. Don't be afraid to clamber over a fallen log, tackle a treacherous piece of trail, or climb up a boulder for a cool picture. If it's cooler, throw on our button-front jacket or a pullover fleece for a light layer. As things heat up, trade your red long-sleeve t-shirt in for a crop top or sleeveless tank top.

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Comfy red long-sleeves for home and travel

When you're packing your duffel bag for a flight or a road trip, a super comfortable long-sleeve tee should be a must-have, right next to your hoodies and sweatshirts. The soft, round neck crew style won't rub on a hike. With plus sizes up to XXL and 3XL, you can find the comfiest fit, so you can move on the trail. And the fabric of our red t-shirts is comfortable in all kinds of weather, under layers, and as outerwear.

Rest easy in another way: we're dedicated to sustainability, so we make many of our products with recycled materials and upcycle older clothing.

Get comfortable in a red long-sleeve top that’s great for cool weather or for layering with a vest, fleece, or jacket. Shop our favorite red long-sleeves now.