More Details An update of a classic, our Campshire Pullover Hoodie 2.0 has the same flattering style and ultra-cozy Sherpa fleece, but comes in an extended range of vibrant patterns and colors.
More Details Send your explorer into the wild in classic style. The reversible Mount Chimborazo Hoodie is made with super-comfy, durable materials, meaning he's almost guaranteed to share your passion for the outdoors.
More Details The looks of a classic flannel meets the warmth of a Sherpa fleece liner in the Campshire Shirt, a must pack for chilly nights in the wilderness.
More Details ThermoBall™ insulated, eco-conscious vest made from post-consumer recycled content for superior lightweight and packable warmth on cold hikes.
 $55.00  $27.50
More Details The short-sleeved Hammetts II is a light, button-down plaid shirt made with 100% recycled fabric for good looks, comfort and vibes.
More Details Featuring 100%-organic cotton and our signature TNF™ plaid—with dimensions that mirror the iconic Half Dome logo—the lightweight Arroyo Flannel will undoubtedly be in rotation.
 $65.00  $39.00
More Details The short-sleeved Monanock Shirt II is equal parts style and function, making it a high-value choice for all kinds of exploration.

Where once plaid might have only been sighted deep in the chilly woods, now you can feel free to wear plaid as a versatile wardrobe piece. At home, abroad, or on the trail, plaid can find a home in your wardrobe.

A working shirt

Flannels and plaid shirts are one of the most versatile pieces you can carry with you. Wear one open over a men’s T-shirt or women’s T-shirt, throw one on for some cool-weather hiking, or keep one as an outer layer for a campsite in the evening. Sleeves rolled up or buttoned at the wrist, you can find a dozen ways to wear your plaid. That means when you pack a flannel or two in your backpack, you’re getting plenty of bang for the space you take up. 

Cityscape to wooded treeline

Not only are flannels versatile in how you wear them, they’re also versatile in where you wear them. If you’re going on a trip to just about anywhere, you can pack a plaid shirt. From a day hike to a city visit, from a road trip to a backpacking adventure, plaid shirts can go with you wherever the wind takes you.

Warm for chilly evenings

Flannels are known for being a pretty good way to bundle and layer in the cooler months. Fall may see you with a plaid shirt as your outer layer, but come wintertime and you can wear your plaid under a winter coat for added warmth. Plus, if you make a stop inside, plaid shirts are still a great look when you hang up your coat.

Fashionable and durable

When it comes to looking good, we already know that plaid shirts have it covered. But they’re also known for being made of the kind of stuff that can stand up to a little bit of a rougher life, and ours are no exception. Go ahead and chop wood for the fire. Don’t be afraid to get dirty on the trail. You won’t wear out these plaid shirts any more than you’ll wear out yourself.