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Through innovative production methods we've taken discarded plastic bottles, pulled from the Himalayan Ecosystem, and used them to help make the fabric of the soft, durable Long Sleeve Himalayan Source Tee.

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More Details The long-sleeved Logo Haze Tee features a standard fit and super-relaxed vibes with a design that celebrates the earliest days of The North Face.
More Details The long-sleeved, laid-back TNF™ Sleeve Hit Tee is a versatile t-shirt, purpose-made for lazy days and Sundays.
More Details The long-sleeved Box NSE Tee is standard fit, has a ribbed collar and cuffs, and proudly features the words that drive everything we do: Never Stop Exploring.
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More Details The long-sleeved Liberty Tee is a vintage-style tee so you can bring classic, throwback vibes on your adventures.