More Details Durable design and sustainable fabrics make the Infant Zipline Rain Jacket an easy choice in wet or uncertain conditions. With a water-repellent finish and 100% recycled fabrics, this is the shell jacket to keep your intrepid explorer comfortable and happy.
More Details Just because they’re still learning to walk doesn’t mean they can’t explore with you. The Toddler Stormy Rain Triclimate® provides your little adventurer with versatile protection from the elements. A durable waterproof shell can be worn with (or without) the fleece lined inner jacket.
More Details The Infant Warm Storm Rain Jacket features water-repellent-yet-breathable DryVent™ 2L fabric and our unmistakable color-blocked style. Made with 100% recycled fabrics and fleece, this insulated jacket delivers targeted, sustainably-conscious warmth.

No matter how old or young children are, we know how they love to play in the rain. Get them ready while they're young by investing in The North Face's cute, sturdy infant rain jackets. Both toddler boys and toddler girls can wear baby raincoats during the wet months of the year. Raincoats are essential in your little one's closet as they keep them warm, dry, and safe from the cold.

Infant rain jackets in every style and size

Whether you prefer the full zip-up style of baby rain jacket for easy accessibility or don't mind rain gear that can be pulled up quickly - our best sellers are designed to keep your baby comfortable and safe at all times. Even if it's a bright and sunny day out, you can never know when a dark cloud will show up unexpectedly. Fold these infant rain jackets into your backpack so you're always prepared to keep your baby dry and protected.

Do babies need raincoats?

If you live in a city with a lot of rainfall, your baby will need a raincoat. It will keep them dry when you go out for a walk or when you need to be out doing chores. A windproof and water repellent baby or toddler raincoat that is durable is ideal. Baby rain jackets help keep your baby's clothes and skin clean and dry underneath. 

What do kids wear in the rain?

Apart from the staple waterproof raincoat and rain boots, kids will often need some additional accessories to help keep them dry and happy in the rain. Outerwear for kids includes a fleece jacket, hoodie, adjustable caps, windbreakers, and rain suits. Both little boys and girls will need rainwear extras such as gloves, vests, scarves, full-sleeve t-shirts, socks, and unisex waterproof bottoms.


Rain jackets are a must in every child's wardrobe. Get them ready to splash in every puddle and dance in the rain. Shop infant rain jackets in all sizes from The North Face.