Twenty-seven years ago, a legend was born.

The Denali Jacket debuted in 1988 on the backs of Todd Skinner and Paul Piana during their nine-day push to make the first free ascent of the Salathé Wall. Durable enough to scale the southwest face of El Capitan, the Denali Jacket established a foothold as the new standard for lightweight fleece performance.

Today we’re honoring that epic free climb with The Denali Collection. Our redesigned Denali 2, the fun Denali Onesie, and the sleek Denali Revolution all feature the original Denali Jacket’s unmistakable DNA.

An Icon Reimagined

Witness the evolution of a legend with our reimagined Denali jackets that feature an improved fit and updated materials for unmatched warmth, comfort and durability.

Be One with the Outdoors

There's even more to love with our Denali One Piece that's crafted of midweight fleece for head-to-toe coverage at the campsite.

Revolutionizing an icon

The classic Denali jacket gets streamlined in a warm wool blend that's reinforceed with a sleek overlay across the shoulders, chest and forearms.