Brogan Graham & Bojan Mandaric

November Project is the free, grassroots fitness phenomenon that began in 2011 as a simple workout pact between two former collegiate athletes looking to stay fit through the tough New England winter. Missing the camaraderie and accountability of their team rowing days, Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric soon began inviting friends and strangers to join them in their high-octane workouts (stadiums stairs, hills, calisthenics in random Boston locations).

Date Location Time Tickets
April 16 Boston, MA 6:30PM Coming Soon
April 26 San Francisco, CA 6:30PM Coming Soon

Crown Traverse​

Mike Wolfe & Mike Foote

The North Face Athletes and professional ultra runners Mike Wolfe, Mike Foote, along with National Geographic Photographer Steven Gnam, set out on a journey from Missoula, Montana, to Banff, Canada; traversing 600 miles north through the Crown of the Continent. Suffering through white-out snowstorms, busted knees and bruised egos, the 3 undergo a quest to complete one of the most audacious running challenges to date.

Date Location Time Tickets
TBA Seattle, WA 6:30PM Coming Soon
TBA Portland, OR 6:30PM Coming Soon
TBA Denver, CO 6:30PM Coming Soon

Super Fly

Matt Segal & Cedar Wright

Only 10 months after learning the basics of the sport, Matt Segal and Cedar Wright decide to go to Mexico in a pie in the sky bid to climb and paraglide off of one of the highest Volcanoes in Mexico!  With the fledglings leaving the nest, there's a lot that can go wrong, and it does!

Date Location Time Tickets
June 20 Denver, CO 6:30PM Coming Soon
June 21
Salt Lake City, UT 6:30PM Coming Soon
June 22
Portland, OR 6:30PM Coming Soon
June 23
Seattle, WA 6:30PM Coming Soon


Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold just turned 30 years old, but he's already a climbing legend; particularly well known for his sweaty-palm-inducing free climbs on some of the toughest peaks around the world. His latest challenge? A trip to Angola, virgin climbing territory, to scale peaks that have never been attempted, seeing the devastation firsthand left behind from the country's brutal Civil War, and starting a solar project as part of his Honnold Foundation work. Sheer cliffs, explosions and food poisoning – Honnold in Angola is an adventure like none before.

Date Location Time Tickets
February 29 Washington, DC  6:30PM Buy Tickets
March 1 Philadelphia, PA 6:30PM Buy Tickets
March 2 Nashville, TN 6:30PM Buy Tickets
March 3 Chattanooga, TN 6:30PM Buy Tickets
March 4 Atlanta, GA 6:30PM Buy Tickets



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