Burly switch landings in the backcountry may be what put Nick McNutt on the map, but don’t believe for a second that he’s a one trick pony. In addition to landing backwards like it’s no big deal, this BC local can rip huge mountain faces, technical park features, and Led Zeppelin riffs, all with a sense of ease. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s got a healthy dose of that Canadian-nice-guy thing going on too. Since his breakout part in TGR’s Almost Ablaze Nick has continued to impress with some killer video parts.

  • if3 Awards Rookie of the Year (2014) 
  • Video parts in TGR’s The Co-Lab, Almost Ablaze, Tight Loose, and Paradise Waits 
  • Video part in Valhalla’s Sweetgrass
  • Powder Awards Breakthrough Performer
  • Powder Awards Best Powder
  • Three-time nomination for Powder Award’s Best Male Performer

Almost Ablaze

Almost Ablaze, Nick McNutt