Growing up in Ohio, Anna Pfaff didn’t get a lot of exposure to the mountains. It wasn’t until she left to study nursing in Denver that she roped up for the first time, and it didn’t take long for her to catch the bug. Ever since then, she has spent most of her days travelling the world in search of big walls and remote alpine objectives the quench her thirst for adventure. From the Himalaya, to the Andes, to Newfoundland, Anna is in her zone when tackling mixed climbing routes in the furthest reaches of the backcountry.

  • First Ascent, Tarre Parbat, “Unattached”, WI3, AI4, M4, 5.6, 600 meters (2015), India
  • First Ascent, “Apocalypse Now”, WI7, M9, 300 meters (2015), Newfoundland, Canada
  • First Ascent, Lungartse Peak, 6,070 meters, “Colombian Direct”, TD, AI4, 1,200 meters, 90’ (2013), Himalaya, Nepal
  • First Ascent, Peak 34, “Este es Para Ti”, ~500 meters, 6b R, ~5,163 meters, summit (2013), Cordillera Quimsa Cruz, Bolivia
  • New Route, Peak 25, Southeast Face, ~350 meters, 5.10 R, 80 degrees, not to summit (2012), Himalaya, Pakistan
  • Patagonia Cerro Fitz Roy via The Affanacief
  • First Ascent, Newfoundland, Canada Apocalypse Now WI7, M9
  • Holtana Peak, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
  • First Ascent , Indian Himalaya, Tarre Parbat
  • First Ascent Tiquimani Peak, Bolivian Andes

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