Angel Collinson

Angel Collinson

Big Mt. Skier

Growing up in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon, Angel Collinson’s commute to the mountain was measured in footsteps, not miles. Daughter of a Snowbird Ski Patroller and schoolteacher, Angel is a product of a family that lived and breathed the mountains. Winters were spent in Snowbird’s employee housing, where she and her brother, Johnny, shared a five by twelve foot room. Summers were spent on the road where the four-some would leave their “base camp”- a 1979 Ford Van- at trailheads across the west and head into the wilderness for weeks at a time.

The Rise


Like many freeskiers, Angel’s career was cast from a racing background. When Angel narrowly missed the US Ski Team at 18, big mountain skiing, which was always in her peripheral growing up at Snowbird, became Angel’s focus. Big mountain contests, with their free-flowing formats of just a start gate and a finish gate, were a natural fit and a breath of fresh air from the intense world of ski racing. The Utah native won the Freeskiing World Tour her freshman year competing, and repeated the following year, solidifying her place in the upper echelons of big mountain skiing.

Like many Freeskiing World Champions, Angel has begun to take her talents to the silver screen, filming with world-renowned production companies Teton Gravity Research and Sherpas Cinema. In her free time, her deeply instilled passion for the mountains is continually reflected in her kayaking, climbing and biking, often not far from where she grew up in Little Cottonwood Canyon.