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Spotted: The Perfect Gifts For Skiers and Snowboarders


Are you planning an epic ski trip this year? We've got the best gifts for skiers and snowboarders this season. Shop mittens, merino wool ski socks, beanies, and other must-have ski gear to add to your snow goggles and hand warmers for any adventure. Looking to build your store of base layers? Make sure to add leggings and sweat-wicking tops to your list of great gifts for a cold day on the slopes.

From black diamond snowsports to chilling back at the cabin after a long day out, shop our selection of ski and snowboard gifts for the winter sports enthusiast in your life. Plus, don't forget to grab your gopro before heading off-piste. There's some epic footage out there that you can capture. 


High-quality ski pants, snowboard boots, and MORE!


We've got everything you need to hit the slopes right here. Whether you're looking for the best skiing gifts for a loved one, or need some new gear yourself, browse these best-sellers before heading to the ski resort. Make sure you've got space for all your gadgets and gear, like ski boot bindings, with an on-sale backpack to compliment your snowboard bag. Hop on that chairlift with water-resistant ski pants or bibs that are made for cold weather. (They also add plenty of cushioning to your ski outfit, if you're prone to taking tumbles.) Plus, our touch-screen gloves make great ski gloves for the tech enthusiast in your life. From powder hounds to bunny-hill beginners, The North Face has plenty of gifts to choose from.


Gift Guide Tip: Gift Ideas Don't Stop Here


Holiday shopping is way easier when you tackle it all at once, right? That's why we've pulled together our best Hoodie Deals, T-Shirt Deals, and even merino SmartWool Sock Deals just for you. Pair a new ski helmet and ski poles with a quality neck gaiter or balaclava to keep out the winter cold. If you're still not quite sure what to give the skier or snowboarder in your life, opt for a gift card so they can browse Winter Boot Deals, Winter Gifts, and even Cozy Gifts to stay toasty après ski. Check out the best snowboard and ski gifts out there, then tackle the backcountry with hiking gifts and camping gifts for warm-weather fun.

For all of you skiers and snowboarders out there, we've got some great gifts this season. Shop ski boots, hand warmers, base layers, and more at The North Face. 


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