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Women’s Canyonlands Hoodie
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Men’s Canyonlands ½-Zip
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Men’s Canyonlands ½-Zip
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Men’s Canyonlands Joggers

Deep in the backcountry? Just in your backyard? The North Face Canyonlands collection provides you with the comfortable, durable, and adventure-ready gear that will make every expedition matter. 


Inspired by the most significant features of the American southwest–Canyonlands National Park, the Colorado River, Arches National Park, and more–the Canyonlands collection takes the aesthetic of canyon country. It blends it with Utah-ready (or everyday adventure-ready) gear.


Moab-Ready Gear, Canyon Country-Worthy Apparel 


Durable, reliable clothing.  The Canyonlands collection features must-have items you’ll go for every day of the year. From men’s and women’s hoodies, full zip fleece, pullovers, joggers, and more, a piece of gear is ready for your next adventure to Arches National Park, Moab, The Colorado River, The Needles, or even just your own living room.


Comfortable, versatile, and crafted with esthetic in mind, the Canyonlands collection ensures that whether you’re rafting the Green River, looking up to the sky in search of stars on a desert camping trip, or exploring the backcountry, there‘s always a piece of go-to gear for you.


Versatile, Sustainable, Functional 


The Canyonlands collection draws inspiration from the American southwest's most notable canyon country, which is smooth-faced, durable, and comfortable. That means your clothing won't just look good next to the landscape, it will also function perfectly. With midweight options, heavy fleece apparel, and pieces perfect for low-intensity days as well the wilder weather, the Canyonlands collection has you covered no matter what the backcountry brings.


For the Backcountry Hiking Trails and Your Backyard 


This collection contains must-have gear and apparel you'll need to hike the buttes, raft to an island in the Colorado River, or just lounge in the house on a rainy day. From low-intensity joggers that offer the ultimate comfort to heavyweight fleece pullovers that are as smooth as they are durable, The North Face's Canyonlands collection ensures that you're ready for anything.