Run for Noah

June 19, 2020

Run for Noah

On June 21st Marc-Antoine Forand will run for 21 hours for his son’s 4th birthday in order to raise awareness for down syndrome and ‘’Le Regroupement de la Trisomie 2’’.


June 21st, 2016

My son Noah’s date of birth, my little warrior of the light.

#RUNFORNOAH June 21st, 2020

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The most valuable thing I want to teach him is to never set boundaries for himself.

Every time I go out for a long or a short run, it’s always about pushing myself forward. It is not about the achievement, the effort is what it comes down to. I did not grow in a very sporty family, but it’s following my son’s birth that I slowly started running and realizing the physical benefits, but even more so the mental benefits that sport provided me. It was like for the first time in a very long time that I could breathe fully. Running is my ally, it allows me to channel my energy, to calm my mind about the doubts and fears that I may have about my son’s future. Running makes me smile and so, to have the opportunity to raise funds for Down’s Syndrome through it fills me with joy!

On June 21st I will run for 21 hours for my son’s 4th birthday and on October 11 it will be a 100 mile at the Bromont Ultra event.

This unexpected chromosome that slipped itself into our lives 4 years ago was not welcome in my newly found Daddy heart. It felt like my body was about to explode from all the sadness taking over. You’re basically being told that your child may have or may develop heart, vision, hearing and a multitude of other health problems throughout his lifetime. Down’s Syndrome was not detected during pregnancy and to be honest, at that very moment when we were told I was, plain and simple, mad at the universe. Becoming a parent is huge, but to have a kid with a syndrome is an even bigger challenge. You ask yourself if he will ever have friends? Will he ever be autonomous?

Le Regroupement de la Trisomie 21 de Montréal was there to help us ease our fears and apprehensions. This organisation allowed us to meet other families that were going through the same situation as ours... And we're happy. At first we thought, how can they be? Today, I would like to hold in my arms the young father that I was 4 years ago to tell him that everything will be more than fine and that Noah will be the biggest source of happiness in his life.

Noah is my soul mate and I thank him everyday for teaching me how to be open, but even more so, how to love every human being as they are. Despite our initial fears and broken hearts at the beginning of this adventure, my girlfriend and I always knew that our mission was to make him happy, one day at a time. There is still a lot to be done for a person with Down’s Syndrome or with a handicap to be and feel included, but if every step I take while running can help to push forward the way society looks at people with disabilities, then I call it mission accomplished.

I love you Petit bouddha,