Explore Fund Funding



The $500,000 total grant funding will be divided between the two categories described in the applications details section. Typical awards are between $5,000 and $25,000. The Explore Fund is a highly competitive grant program and a limited number are awarded each year. Awarded grantees are not guaranteed their full funding request.

Applications should show how funding will be applied to a particular project or program. Additional budget guidance appears in the application.



  • Organizations without 501(c)(3) status or without a qualified 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor 
  • Programs without a significant outdoor component or activities that are not aligned with the activities and interests of The North Face 
  • General outdoor day camps or summer camps unless outdoor recreation activities or skill building are core and significant to the overall purpose/mission 
  • Research, white papers and conferences 
  • Endowment or capital fund campaigns 
  • Ropes courses 
  • Dancing and art classes 
  • Advocacy or political campaigns 
  • Sustainability, green building projects, or landscape projects 
  • Expeditions
  • Land acquisitions, land trusts or conservation easements 
  • Most salaries
  • Film, video, book or movie projects
  • Projects outside the U.S.