Prop 68

Prop 68: Bringing the outdoors to more Californians


In June of 2018, Californians voted “yes” to Proposition 68 -- allocating $4.1 billion in bond funds for parks and environmental stewardship projects. Prop 68 will benefit communities across California by increasing and improving parks across the state, cleaning up the Central Valley’s water quality, helping build climate resilience, and healthier communities. Latino communities in particular, who have a higher likelihood of living in environments with less access to green spaces and clean drinking water, will see much needed improvements in their neighborhoods. As two organizations which call California home, we’ve been strong supporters of Prop 68 from the beginning and are proud to see it passed by a majority of Californian voters.

California has some of the most stunning green spaces and parks in the world. We are home to breathtaking coastline, mountain ranges, deserts, and parks. These places make California special. And better yet – these places are good for us. We know that access to green spaces has many benefits including improved physical and mental health and that safe and clean parks in our neighborhoods help us thrive.

By passing Prop 68, roughly $700 million will be allocated to creating more parks in park poor areas, bringing proven benefits to the health of those communities and the health of their outdoor spaces. It opens opportunities for outdoor recreation too. Among millennials and gen Xers, Latinos outnumber all racial and ethnic groups, and Prop 68 will provide healthier spaces to live, learn, work, and play for a huge population that will impact the future of California.

The passage of Prop 68 is a huge win – for California’s parks, waters, and people. We hope this will set an example for other states and communities across the country.

This article was written jointly by Arne Arens, Global Brand President, The North Face and Dr. Jeffrey Reynoso, Executive Director, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California