Tatum Monod was born in Banff, Alberta into a family with deep roots in the ski scene—her dad raced on the Canadian national team, her grandpa was a Swiss mountain guide, and the family owns an OG outdoor shop in Banff. So it may come as a surprise that Tatum wasn’t really interested in skiing until she was 12 years old. Once she pointed those tips downhill though, she quickly showed that she was a natural. Now 25 years old, Tatum has already collected more accolades than most skiers do in a lifetime. She has racked up two award winning segments for Level 1 Productions, earning Best Female Edit at iF3 two years in a row, and has also been featured in the epic films of Sherpas Cinemas. Without question, she is currently one of the best women’s backcountry skiers around, with a future that looks like it will continue to approach new heights.

  • 2014 'Rider’s Choice' Skier of The Year, Freeskier Magazine
  • 2014 IF3 Awards Best Female Edit
  • 2015 'People’s Choice' Skier of The Year, Freeskier Magazine
  • 2015 IF3 Awards Best Female Edit
  • 2016 'Best of the Bow' Athlete voted #1 in Banff






I prepare for a day out in the mountains by waking up early enough to give myself time to fully wake up, stretch and consume a protein rich breakfast. I usually make myself a green smoothie along with two eggs, toast and bacon. I have all my gear packed the night before including my lunch so that I can simply jump in the car and make my way to the trail head or ski hill without having to think to hard about what I need to bring. I pack plenty of snacks and a thermos of tea so that I don’t have to worry about getting low energy during a long day in the mountains. I try to warm up by swinging my legs before I make even one run even if it is just a mellow one so that I’m not going into it cold turkey.