David Allfrey is in many ways the torchbearer of the ethos of climbing’s early pioneers: He is driven by a desire to climb big walls, without necessarily placing constraints on himself in terms of style. He transitions easily from free climbing to aid, typically in a fast and light single-day push. Mixing in alpinism and ice climbing, Allfrey’s desire to explore big walls has taken him around the world, establishing new routes and setting numerous speed records while climbing with partners like Alex Honnold. In 2016, his achievements were recognized by the American Alpine Club with the Robert Hicks Bates award for outstanding accomplishment by a young climber, putting him in lofty company with some of America’s best climbers.

  • Robert Hicks Bates award for “outstanding accomplishment by a young climber”, American Alpine Club, 2016
  • Climbed seven El Capitan full-length routes in seven days with Alex Honnold, 2014
  • Speed record, “Excalibur” (VI 5.10 A3+), El Capitan, Yosemite — 16 hours, 10 minutes
  • Established “Deconstructing Jenga” (5.9+ A3+, 900m), Great Cross Pillar, Baffin Island
  • Second enchainment of "The Yosemite Triple: El Cap, Mt. Watkins, Half Dome" in a 24-hour push.