Rock Climber


Las Vegas, Nevada

In 2014, David Allfrey, along with partner Alex Honnold, packed a lifetime of climbing into a single week when they climbed seven El Capitan full-length routes in seven days. In the pair’s

“7 in 7” adventure, they climbed New Jersey Turnpike with the El Niño start (VI 5.13b A4), Tangerine Trip (VI 5.9 C3), Eagles Way (VI 5.9 A3+), the Nose (VI 5.9 C2), Lurking Fear (VI 5.9 A2), Zodiac (VI 5.13a C3) and Triple Direct (VI 5.9 C2)—an idea dreamed up after a blistering speed record on El Cap’s Excalibur. For Allfrey, it was less about the end goal and more about finding his physical and mental limits, something he tends to push on most adventures.

Allfrey, who was raised in California and started climbing as a kid, formed a close relationship with Yosemite early on. He’s climbed El Cap close to 50 times via 29 routes, and transitions often from free climbing to aid, typically in a fast and light single-day push. He also mixes in alpine routes and ice climbing into his climbing repertoire. His big wall hunts have taken him around the world, and his new routes and speed records helped earn him the the Robert Hicks Bates award for outstanding accomplishment by a young climber awarded by the American Alpine Club.


  • Robert Hicks Bates award for “outstanding accomplishment by a young climber”, American Alpine Club, 2016
  • Climbed seven El Capitan full-length routes in seven days with Alex Honnold, 2014
  • Speed record, “Excalibur” (VI 5.10 A3+), El Capitan, Yosemite — 16 hours, 10 minutes
  • Established “Deconstructing Jenga” (5.9+ A3+, 900m), Great Cross Pillar, Baffin Island
  • Second enchainment of "The Yosemite Triple: El Cap, Mt. Watkins, Half Dome" in a 24-hour push.