Cole Navin

Cole Navin

Worcester, Massachusetts

Cole Navin never saw his surroundings—a large city in central Massachusetts—as a challenge to becoming a snowboarder. He started standing up on sleds in his backyard and sending golf course hills as a young kid. When Nor’Easters would fill in Worcester or Boston, Cole searched out creative lines and hiked every interesting rail he could find. Street snowboarding was a natural evolution of his environment, and something he still loves for its passion and camaraderie.

Cole and his bold riding style came onto the scene with edits in High Cascade Session Videos and Lords of the Chicken 8. A year later in 2016, his standout segment in another underground production, Rendered Useless, earned him TransWorld’s coveted Rookie of the Year honors. More recently, he filmed a unique segment in the widely beloved film, "Landline". Humble and soft-spoken, Cole finds joy in creating moments. Whether it be a short clip, a full-length project or a still image, Cole seeks out new methods and environments to capture and share snowboarding’s pivotal moments. The same moments that inspired him as a child. 


  • Transworld Snow - Rookie of the year
  • Video part in Vans' Landline
  • Ride "Roses" video 
  • Together Forever