Spencer Schubert

Spencer Schubert

Bend, Oregon

It’s easy to see why everyone wants to snowboard, film and just hang out with Spencer Schubert. Beyond the creative ways he rides a snowboard and his raw talent, Spencer’s energy levels know no limit and his irreverent personality and often ridiculous antics mean non-stop fun. 

Raised in Bend, Oregon, Spencer started filming around the streets of Bend and in the Mt. Bachelor sidecountry when he was 16 for his first video part in local movie called “A Little Somethin’. Since then, he’s starred in 10 feature-length films, including the closing segment of The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword. Now based in Salt Lake City, Utah, which Spencer considers the hub of the snowboard community, he progresses street snowboarding and spends his summers on the glacier at Mt. Hood in his home state. 

Why TNF?

While his roots remain in Pacific Northwest powder and natural terrain, Spencer Schubert leads the forefront of urban snowboarding. Always pushing creatives to change the way videos are filmed and produced, Spencer is pushing the industry to shorter length conceptional films. While his riding is always progressive, he knows the importance of showing an attainable side of the sport to inspire more people to snowboard. 


  • 10 segments in full length videos and countless parts in smaller films