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Our responsibility to protect the planet we explore

Our Sustainability Journey 

“Never Stop Exploring” is more than just a tagline—it’s the way we choose to live our lives, both personally and at The North Face®. We love the outdoors; it's where we develop character, confidence, clear minds, healthy bodies and respect for nature. We believe in sharing this passion by enabling all types of exploration, from your backyard to the Himalayan peaks. While our heritage is built on a love for exploring the planet, we are just as passionate about protecting it.

We have embarked on one of our most challenging expeditions to date: the journey towards sustainability. We take a holistic approach to sustainability that begins with our day-to-day business activities and extends to our manufacturing process and beyond. At every step along the way, we are faced with choices, and we strive to do what’s best for the planet at all times. We know that are our efforts can always be improved upon, so we will never stop exploring four key sustainability areas: Product Innovation, Community Engagement, Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Waste Elimination. We are confident that this journey will prove to be our most rewarding.

The North Face® story began more than 40 years ago when two hiking enthusiasts forged a business by following their passions. Exploring that path led to the creation of a premier line of technically innovative outdoor products. In the past, the industry-wide approach to product manufacturing had minimal consideration for its environmental and social impact. An exhaustive Lifecycle Assessment performed by The North Face® showed that a significant portion of our own impact stems from our product manufacturing process. In an effort to reduce our impact on the planet we love, we are applying our signature brand of innovation to the manufacturing process by taking a holistic, systematic approach—from raw materials to end of product life. We know that this leg of our journey is ongoing, and we take these environmental challenges very seriously. 

At The North Face®, our sense of community extends far beyond our employees and customers. Our goal is to ignite a passion to preserve the places we explore by enabling access to outdoor activities, educating our community on the benefits of personal and environmental health and building a sustainable connection between people and the planet.To help us reach our goals, we’ve partnered with environmental and philanthropic organizations that we both admire and trust. Together, we can go farther on our journey toward a stronger, more engaged community.

Few issues affect The North Face® as deeply as climate change. Our athletes, customers and employees are seeing firsthand the negative impacts of climate change in their expeditions and everyday lives, from melting glaciers and droughts to decimated forests and alterations in wildlife habitat. We have a responsibility to ensure the long-term health of our playground for us and for future generations.From employee travel to athlete expeditions, retail locations and distribution centers, our daily business activities result in greenhouse gas emissions. We have established goals and strategies to continually measure and reduce these impacts. In addition to corporate energy reduction and efficiency initiatives, we’ve joined forces with strategic renewable energy partners to accomplish these goals.

Just as with any journey we undertake, our goal is to leave no trace. The North Face® is committed to eliminating waste and inefficiencies in our operations, including product manufacturing, packaging and day-to-day office activities by concentrating our immediate efforts on areas directly within our control. 

As we continue on our journey to sustainability, we look back to see how much ground we’ve covered, but we also look ahead at the path that lies in front of us. Looking back, we see the important changes and achievements we have made. Looking ahead, we’ll continue to apply the lessons we’ve learned and constantly reevaluate the way we live, work and play so that all of our actions enhance our environment and communities.        

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