Community Engagement

Fostering a passion for environmental stewardship in our communities

Being a responsible business means serving the larger community and enriching people’s lives in a way that draws upon our company’s passions and capabilities. At The North Face, our sense of community extends far beyond the walls of our offices. We feel a responsibility to ensure that our associates are motivated in their jobs and that the people involved in our supply chain are treated fairly.

We support the communities where we work and play, and we partner with many organizations that share our mission to enable exploration. We offer financial support, provide events and opportunities for outdoor exploration, and inspire and motivate others through the compelling stories our global athletes share of their own adventures.

Because climate change is a particular concern of ours, we also have a variety of programs to engage and educate people about this issue.

the north face sustainability community

Outdoor Participation

Inspiring the next generation of conservationists

Outdoor exploration is at the heart of our brand. We believe in sharing our passion by enabling all types of exploration – from local parks to Himalayan peaks. Our goal is to engage and inspire the next generation of adventurers and conservationists by helping them discover nature’s playground.

Instilling a love of climbing, skiing, or hiking in children helps them develop character, confidence, healthy bodies, and respect for nature. If we can encourage kids to explore the outdoors, their connection with the natural world will last a lifetime. By igniting a passion for adventure, we are also inspiring children to care about the natural world and to work to protect it.

We welcome new participants to the outdoors through hundreds of events produced and sponsored by The North Face around the globe each year. In addition to outdoor activities, we offer an extensive series of outreach platforms that inspire participants to get outdoors, while educating them on climate change and conservation issues.

The North Face: Outdoor Nation 2010 i... 3:11

Climate Change Education

Educating and preparing the next generation to fight climate change

To bring the climate change message to high-school kids, The North Face worked with Protect Our Winters (POW) and the Alliance for Climate Education to develop the “Hot Planet, Cool Athletes” program, which launched in early 2011.

The program brings professional snowboarders and skiers to high schools across the country to co-present a winter-themed climate change event highlighting the effects of climate change on the winter sports world. Our goal is to inspire students to curb the causes of climate change in their schools - and in their lives.

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa: Hot Planet Coo... 2:35