Our Commitment

Protecting and preserving our outdoor playground

"Never Stop Exploring" is more than just a tagline—it is the way we choose to live our lives, both personally and at The North Face. We love the outdoors; it's where we develop character, confidence, clear minds, healthy bodies and respect for nature. We believe in sharing this passion by enabling all types of exploration, from your backyard to the Himalayan peaks. Encouraging people to experience the outdoors, protecting the environment and addressing the impacts of climate change are at the heart of our business.

While our heritage is built on a love for exploring the planet, we are just as passionate about protecting it. We have a philosophy we call the “virtuous cycle” that connects passion for the outdoors with environmental responsibility. It is a simple concept based on the idea that if you get people outdoors, they will love that experience. The more they come back, the more they will grow to care about conservation and protecting the environment. Our vision is to protect our playground and inspire a generation of conservationists who will continue the cycle.

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Social Compliance

Our Commitment to Safe and Fair Working Conditions

At The North Face™ we are deeply committed to making sure the products you select for your next adventure – from shoes to jackets to hats – are the ultimate in protection, warmth and capability. We are equally committed to creating a safe and positive working environment for those men and women who make our products. Through our parent company, VF Corporation, we've taken important steps to assess and improve the working conditions in under-served areas.

Learn more about how VF and The North Face are working to bring real change to countries like Bangladesh as well as our approach to social compliance and building strong relationships with manufacturing partners across the globe.

2011 Sustainability Report Update

Sharing our successes and challenges

We are sharing our commitment to corporate responsibility through this report to encourage our employees, customers and partners to engage in a dialogue about the ways we can all be more responsible stewards of the natural world and our communities.

Despite our success and dedication to sustainability, we know there are always areas for improvement. This report outlines our progress and challenges to date in more detail and we are committed to improving upon our goals next year.