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HyVent® Tech : Waterproof  

A waterproof, breathable technology utilizing a polyurethane (PU) coating that consists of a tri-component, multi-layer formula for waterproof protection, moisture permeability and durability. HyVent® technology has been lab- and field-tested to ensure the best possible durability and function while also maintaining an optimum level of breathability. To test the level of waterproofness, we subjected HyVent® garments to 20 wash cycles, where garments retained an average of more than 60 PSI on the waterproofing Mullens est.

Protection in Rain and Snow
Ideal for Skiing and Climbing

The North Face incorporates 3 specialized fabric technologies in our products: 
HyVent Alpha     
HyVent 2.5L   

HyVent ® 

The durable woven outer layer repels wet weather and protects from abrasion, while the inner-layer utilizes a polyurethane coating and micro-pores to channel water vapor to the outer layer. The end result is a exceptional waterproof, breathable technology that stays dry inside and out.


  • Protection in Rain and Snow
  • Repels Wet Weather
  • Redirects Water Vapor
  • Ideal for Climbing and Skiing

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HyVent® Alpha

A fabric used in the Summit Series™ collection, this burly, waterproof fabric utilizes a microporous, hydrophobic lamination technology that retains its capabilities in even the most severe conditions. Its laminate membrane, constructed with nearly half a million holes per square inch, allows perspiration to pass through the jacket before it condenses to liquid, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable. 

  • Exceptional Protection in Most Severe Weather Conditions
  • Unique Laminate Construction Keeps You Dry, Warm and Comfortable

HyVent® 2.5L

HyVent® 2.5L is created by applying a polyurethane (PU) coating with a print matrix, which acts as a dry-touch, half-layer coating. The 2.5L half layer adds durability and comfort by physically separating the HyVent® 2.5L PU coating from the skin.  

  • More Waterproofing and Breathability than Other Unlined Treated Fabrics
  • Two-Layer Protection in Rain and Snow
  • Repels Wet Weather
  • Redirects Water Vapor
  • Ideal for Climbing and Skiing