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For over 40 years, The North Face® has provided an authentic solution to the real needs of athletes.

FLASH-DRy : Sweat removal and temperature regulation

As a leader in the outdoor industry, The North Face® has developed innovative, proprietary fabrics to improve moisture management and temperature regulation during outdoor activity. FlashDry™ enables the user to stay drier, more comfortable and out performing longer in a wide range of weather conditions and environments. FlashDry™ doesn’t add weight or bulk and never washes or wears out.

  • Accelerates evaporation and keeps you dry
  • Most effective moisture management
  • FlashDry is permanently embedded in the yarn and won’t wash out
  • 100+ different products with FlashDry technology within our running, snowsports, climbing, and hiking apparel, baselayers, and accessories. 

FlashDry™ fiber technology incorporates permanently embedded microporous
additive  at the fiber level, which increase fiber surface area. High surface area fibers in conjunction with fabric construction accelerate evaporative cooling and drying.
Product Inclusion:  Baselayers

FlashDry™ Thermal technology incorporates permanently embedded microporous
additive into synthetic fibers. The result is an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio that keeps you warmer and more comfortable with less weight and bulk.
Product Inclusion:  Fleece, Hiking

FlashDry™ laminate technology utilizes a hydrophilic waterproof breathable laminate that transfers both liquid and evaporative moisture generated by the body during intense activities. A three-dimensional, microporous layer of additives is printed onto a hydrophilic membrane surface. Unlike hydrophobic membrane technology, the FlashDry™ laminate transfer mechanism facilitates both liquid and vapor transfer while maintaining a durable 100 percent waterproof exterior shell. FlashDry™ enables the user to stay dry, feel less clammy and more comfortable in wet environments.
Product Inclusion:  Running, Climbing, Snowsports shells