Conrad Anker

Alpine Climber

Everest: Lessons from the Summit, presented in New York, NY (10/03)

Conrad Anker, Simone Moro and Kit DesLauriers are modern-day explorers whose names are synonymous with Mount Everest. Their experiences on the mountain range from Anker’s discovery of the body of legendary George Mallory, to the DesLauriers’ first ski descent from the summit, to Moro’s Himalayan helicopter rescues. Join three Everest legends, under one roof for the first time to discuss Everest’s untold history, some of the mountain’s current challenges, and what the future holds for the top of the world.

The Impossible Climb, presented in Washington, D.C (10/02) and Breckenridge, CO (10/12)

Conrad’s climbing career runs the gamut from Everest to Arctic big walls, but the vertical Sharks Fin on India’s Mount Meru pushed him the hardest. Demanding two grueling expeditions and a teeth-clenching dose of suffering, Meru was Conrad’s ultimate expedition.

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