Ambassador Juan Martinez Shares His Story and His Thoughts On The Importance Of Being A Role Model

Mar 6th 2013


Inspiration lives. It is found in the sweet smell of dew that only a sunrise can provoke or the chorus sung by the waterfall. More so it is found amongst those who live their life according to their passion. I find hope in these people. They break records, boundaries, and meet challenges. Within The North Face I have found a tribe. A tribe made up of amazing men and women who challenge themselves beyond their own limits, but even more importantly they inspire many of us to go out into the realms of our own internal wildness and explore beyond our limits. No matter if those limits are huge leaps or small steps towards greater horizons.

Having summited The Grand Teton with Conrad Anker I now know what a dream feels like when it becomes a reality. No words can describe it. I find role models in everyday life. From the janitor that hopes for a better education for his children, the first generation college bound student, to the family that packs into a car in search of timeless memories within our American heritage of green and open spaces.

Role models push us to make ideas and dreams a reality. We find inspiration when we can marvel at the intricate connections in the great outdoors. A beach, desert, forest, mountains whatever place is near you go out there and find it and take someone with you. Those are the moments that can change a life. I know this to be a fact.