Gear Up + Get Out with The North Face

Mar 12th 2013


The North Face wants people to get outside and they are giving away the gear to help make it happen. The “Gear Up + Get Out” Sweepstakes launches today, and to celebrate, The North Face is giving people across the country a chance to win great gear packages up to a $1,000 value. Read more

Ambassador Ryan Hudson Fills Us In On How Role Models Have Shaped His Life's Path

Mar 7th 2013


They call me Ryan Hudson, I'm 24 yrs young. Born and raised in San Diego, CA. The youngest of 5 and homeless my entire childhood. I spent a good portion of my early life in and out of shelters and on the streets. When my family would find a home we would be in neighborhoods riddled with gang and drug activity. Read more

Ambassador Juan Martinez Shares His Story and His Thoughts On The Importance Of Being A Role Model

Mar 6th 2013


Inspiration lives. It is found in the sweet smell of dew that only a sunrise can provoke or the chorus sung by the waterfall. More so it is found amongst those who live their life according to their passion. Read more




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