Mission Antarctic Dispatch 7 :: To Falklands with Love

Dec 21st 2012

Here I am sitting at this very brit looking like cafe place in Stanley Falklands just getting my head (and stomach) together after four days of delightful seasickness through the Drake Passage.

Coming back to the civilization, I'm getting all these flashbacks in my head. The bays surrounding us, all the untouched faces, all the moments we shared with the crew through hell and heaven. Beforehand I felt that this could be the trip of my life and I am certain now that it is indeed true. I am so thankful to have had the chance to put the dream trip together and I can't wait to share it all with everyone.

There is a massive packing underway back at our boat the Golden Fleece. We are flying off tomorrow to hopefully make it on time for father Xmas. We could feel all the way back on the peninsula all the stoke from our posts and it really helped us to carry on day after day with our exploration. Thank you sooo much from the whole crew for all your cheers.

Stay tuned for more!