First ever Tom Wallisch Fantasy Feature Competition draws talent to Sun Valley Resort

Jan 15th 2012

1541-undefined?scl=1 Sun Valley Resort's Dollar Mountain played host to the first ever Tom Wallisch Fantasy Feature Competition yesterday afternoon, drawing competitors and spectators from all corners of Idaho, and beyond. The event kicked off in mid-December as Scott reached out to the public in search of creative park feature designs, the best of which would be built by Sun Valley Resort's Park Crew and sessioned on competition day. Those who wished to submit a design were able to utilize a list of jibs provided by Sun Valley Resort (SVR)—the available jibs being those currently a part of its arsenal. After receiving myriad submissions, Wallisch—along with staff at Scott and SVR—narrowed the field and ultimately selected a design drafted by 24-year-old Patrick Sullivan of Gunnison, CO. For his efforts, Sullivan was extended an invitation to Sun Valley to partake in the event, or if he preferred, to join on the sidelines. Unfortunately, Sullivan separated his shoulder early this week and was unable to make the journey. Sullivan will instead be rewarded with a slew of Scott product. Despite his absence, Sullivan expressed his thanks to the staff at Scott via e-mail. He wrote, "Thanks for choosing my design, I'm really stoked you all liked it enough to choose it as the winner. I can't wait to see it built and skied by the best."