Snowmaking at Deer Valley

Dec 4th 2011

“Making snow is a simple process”, says snowmaking supervisor Scott Enos. “Snow is made by breaking water into small particles, throwing them into the air and letting them freeze. But there are an infinite number of variables that impact the process, including temperature, humidity, solar radiation and altitude.” Deer Valley makes a variety of snow types, from wet durable “crystals” in the early season which creates a long-lasting base, to lighter “maintenance” snow later in the season to augment Mother Nature’s contributions. Deer Valley currently has 100 snowguns operating around the resort, including four fully-automatic Puma® guns that turn on and off and adjust to conditions on their own. All guns are equipped with weather stations which transmit data to the main snowmaking office. Also new this year are 40 high efficiency snowguns which use 10% of the amount of compressed air as older guns, allowing for snowmaking at a much faster and more efficient rate. Snowmakers work around the clock, rotating between two 12-hour shifts to make snow on over 660 acres! We look forward to seeing you on the slopes at Deer Valley Resort.