Carter Country

Dec 2nd 2011

Pro rider Mark Carter just got a little more big city with the release of this six-minute sizzle reel. The native of Ten Sleep, Wyo. (pop. 304) and Jackson Hole has a new project in the works, aptly titled "Carter Country," and this preview promises some reality programming that's hotter than a cattle brand on a cold snowboarder's buttock. From big backcountry booters to tree taps and cliffs, the shredding in this is top-notch and on par with Carter's recent appearances in Standard, Absinthe and Brain Farm productions. Where it really gets interesting, though, is when the cameras follow Mark back to tiny Ten Sleep and go all IMAX on a calf branding, a pig roast and an elk hunt. (Warning: graphic pork content at 3:56 and spicy cowboy language throughout.) You'll see "backies" off the biggest rope swing you've ever imagined as well as Carter and Co. shooting some .50 cal rifle that can pop a target over a mile away. Bad guys: beware the Bighorns... Our favorite part is when Mark's dad, Richard -- a dude who seriously makes The Marlboro Man look like Tim Gunn -- recalls how much Mark enjoyed shooting as a kid. "Carter Country" is redneck renaissance man meet sideways styling in a way no other pro could possibly deliver. Classic stuff and well worth a few minutes of your day.