Remembering Ric

Jun 22nd 2011

Ric Sayre 1954-2011

Hey Ric”. I sure will miss saying that.

He was so understated and even keeled that calmness and capability seemed to effervesce from his pores. Perhaps that was because he was almost deaf and couldn’t hear a damn thing or perhaps that was just because he knew something I didn’t. Hopefully, if all goes well, someday down the road we will all come to know what Ric knew and if I had to guess, it probably relates to living simply and humbly and being a good person. The Rogue Valley in particular and the world in general not only lost a great runner but vastly more detrimentally lost one of the finest and most unique individuals I have ever met.

We should all try to be a bit more Ric-esque in our endeavors. Things would be better.

Please help us remember this mans indelible impact on life, running and Ashland by joining us 9 am Sunday, June 26 on The Plaza for a memorial run through Lithia Park and beyond.