GORE-TEX TransRockies Run: Conclusion

Aug 29th 2011

If you’ve ever considered entering a multiday stage race, I would highly recommend the Gore-Tex TransRockies run. This event is wonderfully organized and the aid and support along the way is tremendous. In addition to the traditional 6-day race, last year a 3-day option was added.

Unlike some of the other multiday stage races I’ve participated in, the TransRockies race requires less mandatory gear to carry during the runs. Also, your morning and evening meals are prepared for you as opposed to having to carry your daily food ration on your back. Imagine that, instead of freeze-dried meals out of a Mylar bag you’re treated to gourmet food, trailside!

Another amenity not afforded in many other multiday races is a warm shower at night. Sure, you may prefer running for six days straight without showering, but probably not.
The popularity of multiday racing continues to grow. If you’re searching for the next thing in your running quests the TransRockies race could be it!

Keep discovering,