Is Blogging Revolutionizing Yoga?

Jul 19th 2011

Is yoga blogging the new jnana yoga? At the Yoga Festival Toronto (August 19-21) a few of the most vocal yoga bloggers in the blogosphere will attempt to answer this question during a panel discussion called "Yogging Heads: The Cutting Edge of Yoga." (Get it? Yoga + blogging = yogging.)

Carol Horton of the Think Body Electric blog, It's All Yoga, Baby blogger Roseanne Harvey, and Elephant Journal yoga editor Bob Weisenberg will talk about what blogging about yoga means to each of them and discuss what it could mean for the yoga community as a whole. We're all spending more time online these days and social media gives us an easy avenue to share meaningful information (often in the form of blog posts) and debate important issues.

In a recent blog post, Horton suggested that the yoga blogging community could be adding a more spiritual element to a practice that in the West has largely been focused on the physical practice. "I believe the yoga blogosphere's already proved itself to be an important development in the evolution of contemporary yoga, and that it has tremendous potential to become even more so," she writes.

If you read Yoga Buzz regularly, you are a part of this evolution she's talking about. So, we'd love to hear what you think: Why do you choose to participate in reading/commenting/writing yoga blogs? Do you view it as entertainment, a way to socialize, or a meaningful way to express your views on yoga? Could be changing the way we think about yoga?

Last, check out Roseanne's video below as she demonstrates (with cutting edge technology!) how the Yogging Heads panel discussion might go.