Jul 19th 2011

Yes, the logo looks like an 80's ski genre movie poster complete with snow and egg yolk sun.  What's uncanny is that there is still snow on Mt A race your Co RD looks like she just rolled off the screen of Hot Dog or Ski Patrol but definitely not 2009's Hot Tub Time Machine, that was too good a movie.   

Jenn Shelton carving turns on MT A last week. 

What I'm really talking about if you've followed me this far is the upcoming Mt A 5K.  It's a benefit run for Jefferson Public Radio and is put on by store employees Jenn Shelton and Maya Nerenberg.  Sorry, Jenn doesn't actually work at the store she just takes GU's from it like she does.   

This is the inaugural event and by all standards it shouldn't even make it off the ground.  But from what I've heard there's a keg at the finish, prizes for just about every finisher, a premium for first man and woman to the summit (you must ring the bell), and word is a new Hyundai will be raffled off.  OK, so I'm not so sure about that last one.  

One thing I do know is that the event will be a great tune up for the upcoming Mt Ashland Hillclimb Run some two weeks later and will give competitors an idea about the best way to approach the summit.    

I feel this race is pretty extreme and although I scoffed at the idea  months ago or rather the hypothetical proposition of such said event I am happy to see it gaining steam under the watchful eye of two incomparably capable race directors .It's amazing what, most likely, initiative and motivation can accomplish.  Perhaps you too will turn out Saturday and see what you've got stored.